Cyclists assaulted by driver wielding a bat

I’ve represented cyclists here in Memphis who were hit by cars while driving. And I’ve seen some close calls where drivers went out of there way to “scare” cyclists who were riding on both Madison Avenue and Wolf River Boulevard. But thankfully I haven’t seen the type of behavior that is shown in this video. […]

Off topic – But is Mississippi State the first college team to put a hashtag in the endzone?

It’s not much of a secret for those who work with me and who are my friends that I’m a big Mississippi State University fan. And as any good Mississippi State fan knows, Thanksgiving week means that it’s time for the Battle for the Golden Egg with our rivals Ole Miss (of which I’m a […]

6 Ways Not to Screw up with an Insurance Adjuster

Whether you are an attorney handing a personal injury case, or you are an individual planning on dealing with the insurance company yourself, there are a few tips in getting the results that you want in negotiating a settlement. #1 Be Polite Insurance adjusters spend their whole day talking to people who are demanding money […]

Win Two tickets to the Grizzlies Playoff Game 6 Friday Night!

Enter the Ferrell Law Firm’s drawing for two tickets to see the Grizzlies in Game 6 Friday Night!!! These are for two tickets to the game Friday night against San Antonio in Section 209. Here is how to sign up to win the tickets: #1 Please "Like" our page by clicking on the left first. […]

Bike Helmets = Survival in Wrecks

My son has become obsessed lately with the need to wear his bike helmet. He can be found wearing it all times. The picture you see here was taken a couple of weeks ago while he was sleeping on our drive from Memphis, TN to Starkville, MS. And as I write this blog post, I’m outside watching both […]

Real and Unedited Testimonials – directly from our clients

The only way I know if my team and I are treating our clients right is to ask them. That’s why I ask all my clients to grade me and tell me about their experience after I’ve helped resolve their case. And one of the things we enjoy the most is reading these letters when […]

Car Wreck on I-240 near Airways Blvd in Memphis

Two cars were involved in an extremely bad crash this morning on Interstate 240 near Airways Boulevard here in Memphis. Very sadly, the there were severe injuries and a death from this accident. The westbound lanes have been blocked most of the day but are scheduled to re-open around 3:30. So if you’re in the […]

Fun Video: Personal Injury Defense Lawyers vs. Insurance Companies

Here’s a fun little video that takes an irreverent look at how personal injury defense lawyers and insurance companies can have a somewhat dysfunctional relationship. As my friend and fellow personal injury lawyer Clayton Hasbrook from Oklahoma City posted on his site, many accident and injury victims don’t realize that the personal injury defense attorneys […]

Lots of Ice and Snow Means Lots of Car Wrecks in Memphis

This winter it seems that almost every week brings more snow here in Memphis, TN. I certainly can’t remember a year in which we’ve had so much of the white stuff. But along with all the charm and spectacle of seeing snow here in our little corner of southwest Tennessee comes the drivers who aren’t […]

Facebook Really Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Facebook. For a lot of people of fun and addicting. But for many others who are involved in a personal injury lawsuit it can also be the nail in the coffin of their case. We’ve been warning our clients for quite a while about the dangers of Facebook and how defense attorneys can use it […]